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You are studying for either GCSE or A-level in French and Spanish and you need that extra one-to-one help. At school, unfortunately, you might not be given enough time to practice your French or Spanish, or even get the opportunity to ask for clarification on those grammar points, which would allow you to push your results to your next grade. With a one to one tuition, you will be able to ask all these unanswered questions and concentrate on your weaknesses.

Throughout your tutoring, your GCSE/A-LEVEL tutor will work with you towards your four requirements of the exam; reading, listening, writing and speaking, at either foundation or Higher level and build your CONFIDENCE. The grammar points that you found difficult will be explained in simple ways, with exercises on those particular points. Your vocabulary will increase automatically without you noticing it!

Nearer to the exam, your tutor will be practicing with you past papers from your exam board. Each exam board has different criteria, which your tutor will work towards with you. On the day of the exams, you will feel confident as you will be well prepared and know what to expect.

All tutors are experienced, fun to work with and understanding of each individual learning style. They are familiar with the different exam syllabus; AQA, EdExel, OCR etc. We have EXCELLENT PASS RATES.

You will enjoy your lessons, while preparing for a good grade for your exam, and also learn a language which is a life skill.


Pre GCSE & GCSE one to one :£45 an hour

AS/A-level and International Baccalaureate one to one: £45 an hour

Here are some of our tutors: