What our Clients say

You will not be disappointed by the quality of the lessons you get at Ecole Nicole. Both the group lessons and one on one tutoring were an invaluable experience for me. 🙂Learning french with Deborah from a young age guaranteed me a level 9 in my GCSEs, but moreover even though I was struggling with foudation spanish at first, Deborah’s tutor Rebeca boosted me to a level 9 in higher spanish! I can wholeheartedly say that I got my grades thanks to Ecole Nicole. 😁😁 Nina, Enfield

My daughter has just taken her French A level today .
And I wanted to say how lucky we were finding Isabelle from Ecole Nicole to help her get to such a great standard of French knowledge .
She is a very professional , efficient and friendly tutor who made the subject  interesting as well as enjoyable for my daughter by using past papers and homework and has a perfect balance of work ethic and encouragement which is exactly what she needed .
I would highly recommend Ecole Nicole for a French tutor . Mrs T Hur , Enfield

“At the start of my first GCSE year I had been predicted a grade E for my overall GCSE mark for French. However with the help of Deborah I found that I was capable of gaining a much higher grade and my final GCSE mark was an A. During the lessons I was encouraged to speak more French which in turn helped me with my pronunciation and my listening skills which all contributed to my final grade. I also found it beneficial that Deborah was confident that I could gain a higher grade and was also enthusiastic about teaching French which I felt had become rarity amongst teachers. The lessons had both a combination of being educational and fun which I believe assisted me in gaining a high grade at GCSE as I became more at ease with the language and felt that making a mistake was ok to do as I could then learn from it. I would highly recommend Deborah to anyone that needed or wanted to learn or improve on their French as she is both confident and encouraging towards her students which is an important quality needed for teaching but is rarely found.” Angela, GCSE student, from Enfield

Deborah is an exception teacher, with enormous charisma as well as academic ability. She always presents well prepared and interesting lessons, lots of group participation and enjoyable activities. Deborah shows real interest in her students – failure is not in her vocabulary! All Deborah’s learners complete their courses successfully. And importantly, the quality of the teaching is such that it can be put into practice immediately. If you want to visit france for a holiday, or are thinking of having a holiday home there, Deborah’s courses are guaranteed to give you the skills you need to communicate effectively in France” Frances, Beginner student from Tottenham

“I have been receiving French tuition from Deborah over the last several months. During this time, my French has improved tremendously and most importantly my confidence has increased. I am much more confident now in engaging in conversation whilst on holiday in France. Previously I would have been uncomfortable doing this.Deborah’s style is very relaxed and informal, which makes the learning “easier”. So much so, my son now has a weekly lesson with Deborah and my daughter will follow shortly!” Jo, French Conversation from Enfield

I am very keen to get my children to learn a foreign language at an early age and I find that they enjoy attending the classes at Ecole Nicole run by Deborah Cheney . Her method of introducing the language through colouring and pictures and calendar related topics is fun for the children so that they are learning without really knowing it and it is encouraging to hear them say the odd French word occasionally and singing the French songs.” Antoinette Doyle, Parent to 6 and 4 year old

“Deborah from Ecole Nicole began to teach Benson when he was 3 years old. Deborah made me and Benson feel very at ease and within just a few sessionsBenson was already counting to 10 in French, her approach to teaching is one
that revolves around “learning while having fun” and really does work. I even learn’t a few things which has helped me to progress with Benson. Benson is just turning 6 now and responds well to basic prompts in French, and is able to put together small sentences…when he wants to!!!!! He genuinely enjoys his weekly lesson. Fantastic!!!!!! Would recommend Ecole Nicole to anyone.
Many Thanks. Chris & Michelle Knight

My daughter has been learning French as an after school club in a primary school for the past three years. She thoroughly enjoys the lessons as she is taught in an interesting and fun way through games, roleplay, songs etc. She is tested on her knowledge in a way that she doesn’t even realise that she is been tested. She has developped a lovely frencg accent and speaks out more confidently at French club than she does at school as the groups are much smaller. I would strongly recommend Ecole Nicole to parents.
Lorraine, mum to 7 yearsold daughter.

I just wanted to drop you a quicknote to say thank you very much for tutoring Emily in preparation for her French GCSE. Your guidance and expertise really gave clarity to Emily on a number of issues. Emily’s self -confidence in all aspects of the subject grew immensely iin a short period of time and I truly believe that you have made the difference in her overall result. Once again, thank you very much and I will be recommending you to all my friends.
Emily GCSE student, Forty Hall.